Master, Graduate School of Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea
Bachelor, Jeju National University, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2015 The 12th – “Flowers, though” (Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
2012 The 11th – “Spring Day, Strolling aroud the flowers” (Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
2010 The 10th – “Flowers for thoughts bloomed in the garden of ideal” (Gong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2008 The 9th – “Initiate a conversation with fragrance” (Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
2006 The 8th – “A place where the flowers of the minds bloom” (Gallery La Mer, Seoul / Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
2004 The 7th – “Wriggling and wiggling bracken fern (Kkomjjak-kkomjjak bracken fern kkomjjak)”(Gallery La Mer, Seoul /
Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
2002 The 6th – MANIF 8! 2002 Seoul International Art Fair Invited Solo Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center, Korea)
2001 The 5th – “Flowers bloom and wither” (Daelim Art Gallery, Seoul / Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
1999 The 4th – “In the Flower Garden” (Deokwon Gallery, Seoul / Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
1997 The 3rd – “Flowers or Nature” (Deokwon Gallery, Seoul / Jeju Culture & Art Center, Korea)
1995 The 2nd – “The Feast of Flowers” (Jongno Gallery, Seoul / Hansol Gallery, Jeju, Korea)
1993 The 1st – “Kim, Hyun Sook Solo Exhibition” (Sejong Gallery, Jeju, Korea)

Selected Group & Invited Exhibitions

Korea-India Woman Artist Exchange Exhibition, “Woman Times” (The Korean Cultural Centre India, Delhi, India)
“The Feast of Ink Stick and Light” (Gwangju Museum of Art, South Jeolla Prov., Korea)
Misulsegye Special Exhibition with Invited Cover Artists (Gallery Misulsegye, Seoul, Korea)
Jeju Museum of Art Special Exhibition with Invited Artists, “From Plane to Installation” (Jeju Museum of Art, Korea)
Commemorative Exhibition for the Opening of the Sun Gallery (Sun Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
Exhibition, “Today of Korean Fine Art” (Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea)
Korea-China Exchange Exhibition with Invited Woman Artists (Beijing, China)
South Korea-North Korea-China Fine Art Exchange Exhibition with Representative Artists of the Countries (Korean,
North Korean, and Chinese Artists (Yalu River Gallery, Dandong, China)
Jeju-Okinawa Fine Art Exchange Exhibition (Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum, Japan)
Misulsegye (Fine Art World) Special Exhibition with Invited Artists, KOAS (Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea)
Invited Exhibition with 50 Selected Artists of Korea’s Contemporary Art (Khudozhnik Museum of Art, Moscow, Russia)

Kim, Hyun Sook

Calligraphy Biennale, “Beautiful Korea” Exhibition (Jeonbuk Art Hall)
Jeju-Mongolia Exchange Exhibition (Art Gallery UMA, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Art Fairs (Zurich, Art Taipei, Shanghai, Berliner Liste, KIAF, MANIF)
Exhibited in more than 370 special and invited exhibitions in Korea and overseas from 1980 to 2015.
Positions Held:

Taught as an instructor at Jeju National University, Sungshin Women’s University, Cheju Halla University, and Jeju College of
Served as the Director of Jeju Museum of Art, Chairperson of Korea Fine Arts Association Jeju Chapter, and Committeeperson
 of Jeju Fine Arts Festival Operating Committee; as a member of Gwangju Biennale Publicity Advisory Committee, Jeju Provincial
Architecture Committee, Jeju Provincial Fine Arts Decoration Deliberation Committee, Jeju Provincial Culture and Art Committee,
Jeju Museum of Art Operating Committee, Gidang Museum Operating Committee; and as the Director of Fine Arts for the World
Delphic Games on Jeju.
Served as a judge in Korea Fine Arts Festival, Jeju Fine Arts Festival, Gyeongnam Fine Arts Festival,
and Gyeonggi Fine Arts Festival.

Current Posts:

Jeju Fine Arts Festival Invited Artist, Member of the Board of Directors of Korea Fine Arts Association, Member of Korean Painting Woman Artist Association, Jeju Korean Painting
Association, Creative Group, “Woori,” Korean Painting Homogeneity Association, Ba & Ran Painting Association,
Soam Memorial Hall Operational Committee, and Jeju Stone Park Operational Committee

Art Bank of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art,
Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Office, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Government Culture & Art Foundation,
Jeju Provincial Education Office, Tamna Education Center, Gidang Museum, Jeju Public Health Center, Cheju Halla General Hospital,
 Ulsan Hyundai Arts Center Gallery, Korea Land and House Corporation Hallim District, Bogwang Phoenix Island,
Jeju National University Hospital, Jeju District Court, Mirae Convention Center, and a number of individual collectors


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